Our Arab St-Kampong Glam 90-minute guided walking tour themed “Art-chitecture” invites you to rediscover Kampong Glam and soak in the sights from art deco buildings to street art to shophouses with elaborate facades. See architecture through the lens of art.

Why is the Malabar Mosque blue? How does art inspired by that mosque enhance our appreciation of its architecture? What stories do street art in Kampong Glam tell about shophouse architecture? Are all buildings immediately considered 'architecture', or do they have to be works of 'art' first? Find your questions on this tour!

Thanks so much to for the fantastic urban art talk - we found it very inspiring.
— Bernice

We'll explore not only the religious and heritage architecture of Arab Street, but also the emerging street art and galleries in the neighbourhood:

  • A building affectionately nicknamed "Gotham City": Parkview Square
  • The less famous mosque in the area, but nonetheless beautiful: Malabar Mosque
  • A lovingly conserved block of ten shophouses: the Sultan Hotel
  • A more austere representation of the Art Deco style: the Aliwal Arts Centre
  • Street art by RSCLS, Alice Pasquini and Ernest Zacharevic

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We're casual and beginner friendly:

  • Prior knowledge of architecture is not required - we explain everything from the basics
  • We always start our tour with a friendly group introduction. Come make some new friends!
  • The group size is limited to 8, to ensure quality interaction
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Accessibility and route:

  • The route is generally flat, wide and straight, but there are also busy five-foot-ways and narrow (or non-existent) pedestrian sidewalks.
  • Guests have managed with prams and young children before.
  • The walk starts at Bugis MRT but ends at Aliwal Street.