Architecture Walks Singapore ( are walking tours that uncover the hidden stories behind Singapore’s neighbourhoods. We bring small groups together to explore and discuss the forces driving Singapore's rapidly changing architecture - and to have fun!

Architecture Walks Singapore started from the ground up in October 2013 and are organised year-round. The sessions are aimed to be open and accessible to the public, without the need to have any architecture or art background. The walks are free-of-charge, but registration is required.

We've been featured on publications including SG Magazine, The Guardian UK, we've partnered with Archifest 2014, Naiise, A for Arbite and we've given talks at TEDxYouth@Singapore, Crowded (powered by PechaKucha) and IdeaNation.

Image: Kurt Kueh

Image: Kurt Kueh

Frequently Asked Questions about the walks:

What do I need to know prior to the walk?
Nothing. Just bring your sense of curiosity!

Why can't I sign up as a group?
The total group size is small, so treat this as a time to hang out not just with old friends but also make new ones.

Are you glorifying architects? It takes more than architects to get buildings done.
Agreed. That's why the walks are conversations, not one-way information downloads.

Do you focus on WOHA, and why?
I include two to three WOHA buildings as part of my Bugis-Bras Basah architecture walks because they inspire thoughtful conversations -WOHA is arguably one of Singapore's most exciting architecture practices today.

Can we enter all parts of the buildings?
Generally no. The walks cover multiple buildings, so think of them as a launchpad for further explorations. We'll cover only certain buildings in more detail.

Are the walks aimed at tourists?
Not at all, the walks are actually built with residents in mind. I hope people living, working or visiting in the neighbourhoods would join and through the walk, fall in love with their neighbourhood and city again.

Why don't you lead a walk for building / neighbourhood X (e.g. Balestier, Geylang, Chinatown)?
It takes time to prepare for a new walking tour. I highly encourage you to get started on leading one if you're keen, and I'll be happy to share tips and collaborate.


Fabian Lua is an enthusiast of architecture, walking and re-discovering Singapore. His experience in understanding architecture range from the formal (taking architecture history classes when he was at UPenn and art history classes at K.U.Leuven in Belgium) to the informal (reading books from Basheer Books, Page One and the library). He has led art tours as part of OH! Open House in Tiong Bahru and Marina Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions about me:

Are you an architect?
I'm neither an architect nor a tour guide - I'm a storyteller. I'm an enthusiast running this as a hobby, as a passion project.

Are you qualified?
The idea behind these walks is to make conversations about architecture and art fun and engaging for everyone. In that sense, yes definitely! 

Why are you doing this?
I've had the good luck to have been on amazing walking tours in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and Chicago. And I'd like to share a story of my home Singapore through architecture. My hope for the tours is to be approachable for the layperson while being engaging for those with prior knowledge. 

What is your day job?
I'm the General Manager of the Singapore market at Peatix, a self-service, mobile-optimised ticketing platform. 

What's your favourite building in Singapore?
Come ask me during the tour!

What lengths have you gone to for a building?
Part of my motivation to visit Bangladesh was to see the National Assembly by Louis Kahn.